the brand is more deep in the Greater China market

Only since 2005, the brand is more deep in the Greater China market, the official journal “LE MONDE D’HERMèS” release first full Chinese version, but also increased the annual theme of the Chinese name of Hermes unified announcement. 1987: Fireworks 1988: exotic 1989: Vive la France 1990: freedom of the sky in 1991: HERMèS in that distant country in 1992: Sea 1993: 1994 Horse: Sun 1995: Road 1996: Music 1997 Year: Africa 1998: Tree 1999: Star 2000: The first step towards the new century in 2001: Earth 2002: Hand 2003: Mediterranean 2004: Inspiration 2005: 2006 as rivers converge: Paris wind With the 2007: 2008 with orange ribbon dance: Dream India 2009: Travel in 2010: to be told stories 2011: contemporary master craftsman in 2012: the gift of time to edit this paragraph Memorabilia 1837 Hermes first-generation founder , when he 卅六-year-old Thierry HERMèS established in Paris’s Bastille Avenue Hermes advanced harness manufacturing facility officially opened. 1867 World’s Fair in Paris in the second session, the Hermes saddle made to get silver. 1878 at the Third World’s Fair in Paris, Hermes won Grand PRIX. Charles Emile HERMèS 1880 Hermes, president of the second generation of the original shop and factory moved to its present site Faubourg Saint-Honore 24, from the original manufacturing wholesalers to direct sales model and started producing saddle. 1889 Charles Emile HERMèS eldest son Adolf joined the family business. 1892 was put in the saddle and produced “Haut A Courroies” listing. Charles Emile HERMèS the 1900 president of the second-generation son of Hermes, third-generation president, Emile-Maurice HERMèS, at thirty years of age successfully expanded its business to European nobility and Tsar Nicholas II at. 1902 Adolf HERMèS and Emile-Maurice HERMèS the company changed its name to “Hermes Brothers.” 1903 Ford mass-produced automobiles in the United States. Emile-Maurice HERMèS realizing that the coming era, began producing money clip, female wallets and purses, carry out diversification policy. 1920 Hermes first zipper mounted on purses and clothing, the initiative attracted the world’s attention. The first zipper jacket guests are British crown prince. 1922 Emile-Maurice HERMèS purchased from his brother in the hands of corporate ownership, and the expansion of the headquarters, the company name was changed to “HERMèS”. 1923 first equipped with zipper bag “Bugatti” listing. 1926 Annie Bomel became responsible for the window design Hermes merchandise. 1927 first watch market. 1928 sheepskin gloves market. 1929 Hermes first female series was published in Paris. 1935 35 centimeters of “Sac A Croix” Listed (1956 officially changed its name to Kelly bag). 1936 began producing perfume. 1937 began producing scarves, No. works “Jeu des Dmnibus et Dames”.

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Maurice HERMèS’s son Robert Dumas became the fourth

Maurice HERMèS’s son Robert Dumas became the fourth president, and vigorously expand the scarves and perfume market. 1956 28 cm Kelly bag market. Beach towel market. Originally published women’s series. Decades later, the clothing line of designer namely: Lola Prusac, Jacques Delahaye, Catherine de Karolyi, Monsieur Levaillant, Nicole de Vesian, Eric Bergere, Claude Brouet, Tan Giudicelli, Marc Audibet, Veronique Nichanian and Mariot Chane 1961. In the perfume sector independence. Gorgeous carriage name, published “Caleche” perfume. 1968 launch of the mini Kelly bag. 1969 “Constance” tote asked the city. 1970 male fragrance “Equipage” listing. 1973 JOHN LOBB senior British shoe company joined the Hermes Group. 1974 “Amazon” perfume market. 1976 Normandy region was established in Boduoleier perfume factory. 1977 Leila Menchari as Hermes showcase design work. 1978 Jean Louis Dumas HERMèS fifth generation president took office. La Montre HERMèS establishment watches games in Switzerland Binne, to enter the watch industry. 1979 “Arceau” watch market. 1980 launch of 40 cm Kelly bag. 1981 “Clipper” watch market. 1984 march tableware market. Release Birkin bag. 1986 Elizabeth II sixty birthday commemorative stamps, the choice of Hermes scarf around photos. Hermes was founded in 1987 to celebrate the one hundred and fifty years, held in the Seine River ㄧ day fireworks night round-month rally. By the year’s theme, “fireworks of the year” began, every year in the development of different questions, show the brand advocated attitude to life, and then as the inspiration and direction of design. 1990 launched the Fruit Line. 1992 on the outskirts of Paris Pantin new leather workshop completed. 1995 “24 Foubourg” perfume market. 1997 began production of men’s shoes. 1998 Belgian designer Martin Margiela as Hermes women’s designer, has always been low-key style to style and creative pursuit of exquisite perfection, no extra design, allows the garment to maintain Hermes Group of elegance, while demonstrating the highly functional clothing comfort. Leisure handbags Fourre-Tout and Herbag listed in 1999 bought the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand shares 35 percent in 2001 Tokyo Ginza Maison HERMèS completed. In early 2003, he announced the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier as the new couturier. In January 2006, Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMèS fifth generation president announced his retirement from when he was 58, so acting executive officer Patrick Thomas, one year after 真除. 2007 Hermes entered 170 years. 2008 with the annual theme, introduced garden perfume series of the third branch works ─ India Garden (Un Jardin Après la Mousson); Direct line with the world’s third store in the image of the watch on July 10 at the opening of the Taipei 101 building, in particular the introduction Taiwan’s unique H-our Maxi101, limit 101 and specifically to the store to sell, this is the second Hermes watches as a single store opening design watches. First put the brand on the dial carriage logo, numerals 10 and a saw, so special for this table. 2009: Taiwan’s flagship store is scheduled for opening this year in Xinyi

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